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JP / Themme 

JP Is a Neurodiverse, Diasporic, Gender Expansive,

 Multidisciplinary Artist, and Educator. They work to uplift and

center the experiences/histories of TGNC folx, for mutual aid and education. While also serving on the Board of CKLife.

They do Gender and Body affirming

Drag under the name "Themme".

2021 Dialects of Decolonization Fellow

2020 TAP Community Word Project Fellow

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TJ/DJ Consulting

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Hosting / MC
Mutual Aid Events
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Installations / Altar Work

Real Hot Themme Shit

A Body positive performance at the Mango Tree Community Library fundraiser.

Video By : Scarlet

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PPGNY TGNC Ambassador

From Summer 2020, to Summer 2021 JP, cofacilitated a year-long ambassadorship, that aimed to connect TGNC folx to free or low costs Reproductive health services, while critically engaging the community in dialogue on what Trans Centered care can look like.

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Community Conversation and Spaces

Holding space for community members to engage over shared ideas, and toward healing communities, through leaning into our social responsibilities. 

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